“Ali, thank you again for such a wonderful, personalized experience.  The ecotherapy program that you have is amazing. I love to see my sons experience the farm through sight, sound, and touch. Each visit has provided a unique take away that is a small milestone for us.  We can’t wait to plan another visit!”                                     – Jennifer Walker, parent

“We had an amazing experience at the Golden Rainbow Ranch.  The staff was so friendly and welcoming.  I have visited other ranches before, and have never had so much fun as I did at the GRR.  The animals were all very well taken care of, and the ranch was very neat and orderly.  I would recommend this ranch to anyone!”                                                           – parent, Girl Scout Troop 124

“I loved it here.  The animals (including the dogs) were awesome!  I had the best experience!”                                                – Girl Scout, age 13, Troop 74

“Please accept our deepest gratitude and appreciation for allowing our Youth Group to visit and experience the Golden Rainbow Ranch.  A large number of kids expressed a desire to return, for even a longer period of time, and even in some sort of volunteer capacity.  Please find and accept the check for the amount we previously discussed (10 dollars per person), knowing that we believe that those funds were WELL WORTH every dollar and minute we got to spend with you.”                                                                                                     -Robert Weatherall, Youth Minister, First United Methodist

“This place is nature’s ROCK AND ROLL!!!”                             – Girl Scout, age 14, troop 74

“This center is a perfect place for anyone that loves nature and great people like Ali and Dave, especially for kids.”                    -Elsa Sailors, parent

“This is our second time here, and we are planning to come back again.  We all had a great time.  We learned a lot about fossils, soil, artifacts, tools, and more.  We love the Golden Rainbow Ranch.”                                                                                                             -Dianna Binney, Girl Scout Troop leader, Troop 578

“I posted a message of thanks on my profile for the families of disabled children to see. Hopefully, we can find even more people to help donate to your wonderful cause. ALL of us had a GREAT time. I enjoyed that you were educational as well as patient. I really appreciated the way that Scotty was never excluded, something my husband and I are passionate about. We enjoyed meeting you and David and were very impressed with your genuine personalities.”       -Amy Conrad, parent

“It was so much fun!  I love coming here- it’s impossible to be bored!”                                  -Aimee Brigmond, age 14,  frequent visitor and volunteer

“Hi! My son loved your ranch, and as soon as he opened his eyes the next morning, he asked to go to the farmers’ house! He was seriously disappointed when I said he had to go to school!  I hope we can come back. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful place with children.”                            -birthday party guest

“The girls LOVED their day at the ranch!  Ali was a wonderful teacher. I thought the girls were going to take home some of the animals!  Thank you for a wonderful day.”                              -parent, Girl Scout Troop 74

“The Golden Rainbow Ranch was a great experience.  I learned a lot about the environment and how to appreciate it.”              -Girl Scout, age 15,  Troop 578

“This was one of the best experiences my troop has ever had and we will definitely return.”  -Rhonda Hess, Brownie Troop Leader, Troop 724

“Staff was tremendous. Overall experience – loved it!”                                                     -Brownie Troop Leader, Troop 724

“Thanks for inviting us into your home and peaceful oasis. As soon as we drove onto the property, we all had this “ahhhh” feeling come over us.”                                                    -Donald Taylor, Taylor Consulting Group

“This is a warm and loving place.  God bless you for your work.”                                                -Allison and Maxwell Yount, birthday party guests

“This was one of the most amazing places we’ve been!  My kids absolutely loved it!  I HIGHLY recommend visiting the ranch.  We will definitely be back!”                                -Debbie Stephenson, birthday party guest

“Best birthday party EVER!”    -Kim Bender, parent of birthday girl

“A fantastic experience all around.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the program and the animals.”                                            – parent, Girl Scout Troop 74


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