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Our esteemed founders
Our esteemed founders- Dave, Paul, and Ali


Dave and Ali Baylor both taught in the public school system for many years, with Ali teaching biology and David, geography.  Sadly, David had to stop teaching when he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2001.  The tumor was surgically removed, and Dave was fine for two years.  Tragically, the tumor returned, this time wrapped around his optic nerve, and inoperable.   The family  made the difficult choice to radiate the tumor, which they knew might cause brain damage, hearing loss, or personality changes.  At this point, David was given 12-14 months to live.

The Baylors moved to Brooksville from Pinellas County, hoping a country environment would help Dave to heal, or at least live out his last year in a beautiful setting.  After living at Golden Rainbow Ranch for some time, with David’s tumor shrinking and his symptoms abating,  they decided to share the healing country environment with as many kids (and animals) as possible.

Ali’s father, Dr. Paul Goldenfarb, suggested the idea of a non-profit organization for kids with disabilities or special needs, to celebrate the miracle of Dave’s recovery.  With Paul’s help, the Baylors were able to make the dream come true.  The ranch has hosted summer camps for autistic/ special needs children, members of Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Runaway Alternatives Project, many church youth groups, the New Beginnings Youth Shelter, The Arc (developmentally disabled adults), Project Looking Ahead, Head Start, several “Mom’s groups”, many school field trips, and lots and lots of families, including those with special needs kids.

GRR has also  provided wonderful volunteer opportunities for many people in Hernando County, including internships with Career Central, the Retired Senior Volunteer Project, Miami Valley School, Hernando Christian Academy, Hernando Public Schools, For Each One Reach One, and many, many families and students needing community service hours.

In order to continue its work with special needs kids, the ranch hosts birthday parties and field trips for any organization, school, or family at a suggested donation of $10.00 to $20.00 per child.  Girl or Boy Scout badge workshops are also available at rates ranging from $10-$50 per troop member.  Adults are always free, and are guaranteed to have as good a time as the kids!

GRR offers 2-6 hour programs tailored to your specifications.

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