Scout Badge List

Girl Scouts

All prices are negotiable, based on financial need.  The actual badge patch is NOT included.  All programs are compatible with the new “Journeys” format.

Daisies (3 hour program):

“3 Cheers for Farm Animals” , Design Your Own                                                            $10.00 a child; minimum 10 children

Brownies (3-4 hour programs):

Bugs, Pets, Farm Tour, Design Your Own                                                                             Flat Rate (up to 15 kids, including siblings):  $150

Juniors (4 hour programs):

Flowers, Gardener, Camper, Animal Habitats                                                                        Flat Rate (up to 15 kids): $200.00

Cadettes/ Seniors (6 hour programs):

Trees, Animal Helper, Voice for Animals                                                                                  Flat Rate (up to 15 kids):  $300.00

Remember, your booking helps us to offer reduced fees for kids with autism and other disabilities.  However, if you have kids in financial need, give us a call and we will do our best to help.

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