Homeschool Classes

2020 Home School Classes

“Junior Naturalist”



Class 1:  Fridays, 1-2:30 (ages 5-10)     2 spots available
Class 2:  Fridays, 3-4:30   FULL


Only $10.00 a child. Class size is limited to 10 or less.



We can also set up a program to fit any curriculum you wish! We have an air-conditioned nature center that seats 15, with cabinets and shelves full of activities, supplies, and interesting natural collections.   Of course, a lot of our “work” will be done outside, in the pastoral setting of the 10 acre Golden Rainbow Ranch.


Right now, we have several programs ready to go.  If you are interested in having your children attend one of these  programs, please email us on the “contact us” page.  We will offer dates as soon as we have enough interest.  We just need 5 kids to run any program. 10 is the maximum class size.

Fun on the Farm (ages 5-10)-  2 hours- $10.00 per child

Come explore the farm!  Greet, feed, and learn about all of our animals at Golden Rainbow Ranch.  You will take a hayride/ tour of the farm, collect eggs, hold a chicken, play with Hammy the pig, and touch noses with an alpaca! An arts and crafts project is also included.

Bugs (ages 6-12) – 2 hours- $10.00 per child

Explore the world of  insects and spiders, and learn more about these little creatures that do so much.  Go on a bug hunt.  Observe insects under the microscope.  Create your own bug  with its own unique personality.

Eco-Explorer (ages 6-10)-  2 hours- $10.00 per child

Learn about ecology, the study of plants, animals, and other living things.  Create your own nature journal.  Collect and identify specimens such as seed pods, feathers, leaves, and flowers, and mount on a collection board.

Trash to Treasure (ages 8-12)-  3 hours- $10.00 per child

Learn about proper stewardship of the Earth.  Make recycled paper. Learn about gardening without pesticides.  Use recycleable items in  a craft project.  Discuss ways you can help save the planet by just making a few small changes.

Biblical Archaeology (ages 10-18)-  3 hours- $15.00 per child

Learn about the Israeli city of Sephorris.  Examine real artifacts from this ancient city that Jesus visited.  You will view and handle pottery, glass from a glass factory, tesserae (mosaic floor pieces), and more.  Learn proper archaeological techniques, and participate in a mock dig.

Just use the “contact us” page to the left, and let us know what class you are interested in!  We will set up a date and try to find 4 other kids to fill it.  If you are the first to request the class, you pick the date!